Website Terms and Conditions For Users Regarding to the following company: ‘TASALON BEAUTY SUPPLY LLC’, a company with Registration Number 37-1978556 and with office located at 30 N Gould St Ste 20784, Sheridan, WY 82801

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms and Conditions”) govern your (hereinafter referred to as “the User”) visits to the following legal registered entity’s website: ‘Easy in Beauty’ (hereinafter referred to as “Provider”) with website address: https://easyinbeauty.com/ (“the Website”). From the User’s desire to use the Provider’s website, the User acknowledges and hereby agrees to follow and adhere to the Terms and Conditions. The User is not allowed to use or download Content acquired on the Provider’s website for advertising and other similar reasons without the consent of the Provider and cannot share this Content to any external third parties without the explicit consent of the Provider. Easy in Beauty is a company that is powered through Shopify and sells beauty tool and equipment products. The Website is accessible to anyone, and hence, anyone and anything can be a User, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

Electronic Communications

By using this Website or communicating with the Provider by electronic means, the User hereby agrees and acknowledges that any and all agreements, notices, disclosures, or any other communication complies with all legal criteria, including but not limited to the criteria that communications like these ought to be written.


The Provider shall not be liable for any external, third-party links that might be provided, at any point of time either present or future, in the Website and any product or service bought or wrongful information obtained from these external, third-party links featured on the Website is at the User’s risk. The Website must not be held liable or responsible, under any circumstances for anything associated with third party websites that may appear on the Website. For example, the Website will use Messenger for Business, which is an external third-party link, in order for the User to be easily able to message the Provider if the User has any questions, suggestions, ideas, feedback or anything else that the User desires. In consequence, the User will be responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions of Facebook once the User visits Messenger, since the Provider is not responsible and does not control the use of Messenger.

The User, therefore, acknowledges and agrees that the Website shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused that may be associated with access or use of any content or features from websites like these.

The Provider cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on the User’s electronic device (Personal Computer or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may be in consequence of inadequate virus protection software installed or downloaded by the User on his/her electronic device.


Additionally, the Provider will not be held liable or responsible, under any circumstances for anything associated with the usage of the products by the User.

The User by ordering products from the Provider, therefore, acknowledges and agrees that the Provider shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage, injury or loss caused that may be associated with use of the goods. For clarification purposes, the Provider will, under no circumstances whatsoever, be liable in the event that the User has had an allergic reaction or other health defect from the consumption of the products supplied by the Provider. The User acknowledges and agrees to compensate the Provider for any damages or losses that may occur during his/her usage of the Website.

For more information regarding the returns and refunds related to the Provider’s products, the User should read the Provider’s Return and Refund Policies. Similarly, for more information regarding the shipping related to the Provider’s products, the User should read the Provider’s Shipping Policy.


Purchasing products through the Website, and/or any other payments that the User may conduct on the Website, can be done either via Stripe or PayPal.

Delivery Time (Force Majeure)

The Provider delivers U.S. domestic shipping with an estimated delivery time of 2 – 7 working days. Nevertheless, the Provider shall, under no circumstances whatsoever, be held responsible or liable for or deemed in breach of its specified delivery time because of any delay or failure in the performance of the delivery due to any event or circumstance, which the occurrence and the effect of which the party affected thereby is unable to prevent and avoid, including, without limitation acts of God; pandemics, government regulation, curtailment of transportation facilities, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial actions or trade disputes of whatever nature (whether involving employees of a party or a third party), terrorist attacks, haze, sabotage, riots, civil disturbances, insurrections, national emergencies (whether in fact or law), blockades, acts of war (declared or not), etc. (a “Force Majeure Event”). The Provider shall give the User a written notice describing the particulars of the Force Majeure Event that may affect the delay of a product delivery as soon as possible.

In other words, the Provider will always strive to deliver the purchased products on time but in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as a Force Majeure Event and due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provider will not be held responsible or liable if there is a delay in the delivery because couriers may delay parcels for the reasons aforementioned.

Updating of the Terms and Conditions

The Provider reserves the rights to change, adjust, add, insert or remove parts from, or the whole of, these Terms and Conditions periodically. Anything adjusted to these Terms and Conditions will become effective after the adjustment has been published and made public on this Website. It is the User’s responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions from time to time at the Website for modifications and adjustments. The User’s continued use of this Website following the publishing of modifications and adjustments will be considered as the User’s explicit acceptance to adhere to these Terms and Conditions, including such modifications and adjustments.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The Provider supplies certain information on the Website. Content currently or expected to be put on this Website is supplied by the Provider and its member companies such as any subsidiaries that the Provider may have including any external third party that could be held as having a right in the following proprietary material and content, and includes but is not limited to Software, Codes, Website Design, Computer Programs, Products, Logos, Brand Names (“the Content”). All such proprietary works, and the compilation of the proprietary works, are copyright of the Provider and its member companies such as any subsidiaries that the Provider may have including any external third party individuals or companies that may have an interest in the above (“the Owners”), and is protected by the United States of America (USA) and international copyright laws. The Owners can have the capability and full/complete discretion to modify or adjust the Website and/or the Content, or to products and/or services offered through the Website at any time and without notice. All proprietary materials, content and rights that are either directly or indirectly associated with the Content are held and owned by the Owners. Except as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, the User is not allowed to obtain a license or any other right including without limitation under Copyright, Trademark, Patent or other Intellectual Property Rights in or to the Content.

Limitation of liability

The Website and all Content on the Website, including but certainly not limited to, any current or future/expected offer of products or services, are supplied just the exact same as illustrated (on an “as is” basis), and may not be entirely accurate with typographical or graphic errors. The Owners make no warranty or representation as to the availability, accuracy or completeness of the Content of the Website or other third party websites that the User will access. Neither Provider nor any holding company, affiliate or subsidiary of Provider, shall be held responsible for any direct or indirect special, consequential or other damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred, related to the use of, or the inability to access or use or visit the Content and/or the Website including any operations within them, and including any external third party links associated directly or indirectly even if it has been made known to the Provider. The Provider is not responsible or liable, under any circumstances, for what and how the Website is used for. In essence, the Provider bears no responsibility for the websites or other functions that the User tries to enter through the operation of the Website. Consequently, the Provider is not responsible or liable for any actions and results in relation to the use and service of the Website. The User must be solely liable and responsible for using the Website for any purposes, actions or benefits under his/her own discretion.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

This Website is controlled, operated and administered by the Provider from Australia and the US. Visiting and using the Website from a location in which the Content is unlawful is not allowed. The User may not use this Website in violation of US laws and regulations. If the User accesses this Website from locations outside of the US, that User is responsible for compliance with all local laws, including that the User is responsible for any extra fees that are associated with deliveries outside of the US as they may be subject to local taxes and duties, and the User consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Wyoming in the event of any dispute.

Indemnification of Lawyer Costs, Out-of-Pocket expenses and Liability for Breach 

If the User breaches these Terms and Conditions, the Provider shall be compensated by the breaching party for its reasonable lawyer costs and out-of-pocket expenses which in any way relate to the breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The User acknowledges that compliance with these Terms and Conditions is necessary to protect the goodwill and other proprietary interests of the Provider and that a breach of these Terms and Conditions will also give rise to irreparable and continuing injury to the Provider.

Therefore, the User by using the Website hereby agrees that breach of these Terms and Conditions will give the right to the Provider to seek damages for any losses and damages incurred as a result of breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or in connection with such violation.


If any Clause, or part of a Clause, of these Terms and Conditions, is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder of the Clause or Paragraph which contains the relevant provision shall not be affected, unless otherwise stipulated under applicable law. If the remainder of the provision is not affected, the Parties shall use all reasonable endeavours to agree within a reasonable time upon any lawful and reasonable variations to the Agreement which may be necessary in order to achieve, to the greatest extent possible, the same effect as would have been achieved by the Clause, or the part of the Clause, in question.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between the Provider and the User, completely replacing any other previous written or verbal agreements concerning the relationship of the User with the Provider.

Links To Other Websites

The Website may include links to third-party websites, online stores, individuals’ web pages that are not owned or controlled by the Website. The Provider also pledges that the introduction of external, third-party links on the Website are purely informational and that the Provider shall not infringe with, or violate, any copyrighted material or Intellectual Property rights of the third party. All external, third-party links are available publicly and therefore, the Provider does not need the permission of the third party to add their website or links. The Provider shall not treat the external, third-party links in any wrongful manner. 

Contact Us

If the User has any questions or wants to provide feedback regarding these Terms and Conditions, the User should not hesitate to contact us through email at: info@easyinbeauty.com or via the Contact Us option on the Website.


Last Updated: 28/07/2021