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Paraffin Wax Machine

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Use EasyinBeauty paraffin wax kit to take care of your skin and you will get baby-soft results in no time! Our paraffin wax warmer deeply moisturizes the skin and features a 3000 ml pot capacity, holding enough wax for your dry feet, hands, and elbows. 

It is very easy to use, simply put the wax into the pot, adjust the speed mode, and start heating. Once the wax melts, wait until it reaches to about 113-131° F, and follow the warm wax application instructions. 

The paraffin wax bath set includes 6 packs of rose and lavender wax, cotton and plastic gloves, feet covers, and more accessories for you to enjoy the paraffin bath experience.

This professional wax warmer in baby lilac colour will make the perfect gift to surprise your beauty friend and encourage the salon-at-home lifestyle.


EasyinBeauty’s Paraffin Wax Machine:

Melt Your Wax Quickly With 2 Speed Modes:
Choose between the normal heat-up option that lasts about 60 minutes and the quick heat-up that's about 30 minutes to get a fast and even wax meltdown for your hot paraffin wax treatment. 

User-Friendly & Simple-To-Navigate Device:
Paraffin wax machine also comes with a detailed user manual with warm wax application instructions. 

Moisturize your skin quickly: 
EasyinBeauty paraffin wax machine will take care of your dry feet, hands, and elbows.  Smoothes and moisturises skin; no more dry, chapped and rough skin.

Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa:
Our professional paraffin wax machine can help you replicate a spa experience at home, allowing you to treat your skin without leaving the comfort of your place.

Practical & Thoughtful Gift For Any Occasion:
From birthday parties and Christmas holidays to moving-in celebrations or office gift exchange, this paraffin wax machine makes an ideal gift for every occasion.

Wax Refills Available:
We recommend to put 3x bags at a time and change it after 2-3 times of use. Both the Lavender & Rose petal warm wax refills can be purchased here


Why choose EasyinBeauty’s Paraffin Wax machine:

  No More Cracked Skin and Dry skin; Yes to baby soft skin!
 Fast Heat-Up in 5 Minutes & High Temperature Tolerance to 80°C
 Paraffin Bath kit includes 6x packs of rose and lavender wax, cotton and plastic gloves, feet covers, and more accessories to help you soften your chapped skin.
 This professional wax warmer in baby lilac colour will make the perfect gift and encourage the salon-at-home lifestyle.  

Click "Add To Cart" Now & Discover a spa-like skin care experience right at your home with EasyinBeauty’s Paraffin Wax Kit!


Materials: Made of durable polypropylene plastic 
Colour: Purple
Package Dimensions: 12.83 x 10.87 x 7.95 inches
Package Weight:  6.48 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.45 x 17 inches
Product Weight: 1000g
Warranty: 1 year warranty



3 * Packs Of Lavender Wax
3 * Packs Of Rose Wax
1 * Pair Of Cotton Gloves
1 * Pair Of Cotton Feet Covers 
100 * Plastic Gloves 
100 * Plastic Feet Covers
1 * Brush
1 * Shovel

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